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Dirty Looks: On Location


Saturday 13 July 2013 Secret Venue, New York

As part of this year's Dirty Looks: On Location, a series queer interventions in New York City spaces, Little Joe editor Sam Ashby has curated Builders, a film found on X-Tube and shot by an anonymous filmmaker at an unknown time (although some point in the 1990s or 2000s seems likely).

Builders observes the workmen building a large apartment complex in an unspecified location, possibly in Russia. Seemingly shot over an extended period, the filmmaker coaxes a number of the men to expose themselves and masturbate for the camera. Placed in the voyeuristic position of the observer, we watch the furtive gestures and body language of the men who attempt to get the filmmaker to expose (more?) flesh in return. The exchange is never fulfilled, and we are left to imagine the gender of the scopophilic eye behind the camera.

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