Little Joe 6


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In the cover feature of our biggest issue yet, film curator Bradford Nordeen pays tribute to transgender punk icon Jayne Country and the stars of City of Lost Souls, Rosa von Praunheim’s underseen and over-the-top Berlin musical. The issue also features a discussion with von Praunheim himself on the eve of his 70th birthday by filmmaker Adam Keleman, as well as interviews with legendary underground filmmaker Mike Kuchar by artist Johnny Ray Huston, former Hole drummer Patty Schemel by A.L. Steiner, Swedish filmmakers Ester Martin Bergsmark and Eli Levén talk to Tomas Hemstad about She Male Snails, Helen de Witt meets the irrepressible provocateur Charles Lum, and Ronald Grant and Martin Humphries, the couple behind London's Cinema Museum, sip tea and chat with Brian Robinson. Author and activist Sarah Schulman selects her Video Library, Ron Gregg examines Barbara Rubin’s role in the New York Underground, Jon Davies expresses his adoration for Miss Edmonton Teen Burger 1983, Marc Siegel provides us with a humorous discussion of the work of R. W. Fassbinder and Liz Rosenfeld gives a personal account of queer filmmaking in modern Berlin. Our regular Visual and Other Pleasures section includes contributions from Keep the Lights On director Ira Sachs, Ultra Culture’s Charlie Lyne, academic and author Douglas Crimp and Semiotext(e) editor Hedi El Kholti plus archive material from Vito Russo and an excerpt from Myra Breckinridge’s Cookbook. The issue also includes a special pull-out comic book by Mike Kuchar.
Contributors: Ester Martin Bergsmark, Devin Blair, Douglas Crimp, Jon Davies, Ronald Grant, Ron Gregg, Tomas Hemstad, Martin Humphries, Johnny Ray Huston, Adam Keleman, Hedi El Kholti, Mike Kuchar, Eli Levén, Charles Lum, Charlie Lyne, Bradford Nordeen, Rosa von Praunheim, Brian Robinson, Liz Rosenfeld, Vito Russo, Ira Sachs, Patty Schemel, Sarah Schulman, Marc Siegel, A.L. Steiner, Alexa Vachon, Helen de Witt.
144 pages, 138 x 216 mm Limited edition